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Dating has a whole range of emotions attached to from the fun and exciting to the nervous and scary.

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Defining Digital Dating Abuse The abuse in the form of emotional and or verbal abuse, among teens, such as unwanted, multiple calls or text messages.

Pressured into sending pictures that are nude or private by nature and this includes videos of such.

In this tech savvy age on online dating just how safe it is? You do not need to be tech savvy to protect yourself online If you were dating in the real world you would take so... A statistic shows that more than eighty percent of adults are involved in one type of hookup site or another.

A lot of that eighty percent are in fact adults already involved in some form ...

One such place I know of is the Woman’s Freedom Center.

How to help someone who is the victim of abuse The first step is to give them the benefit of the doubt Find out what is going on Find out how you can help them Offer them your support and understanding Don’t gossip about I, after all, it is not your problem to tell anyone else Do not pressure them let them make their own decisions on the situation just let them know you are there for them.

It’s about deeply connecting with both yourself and another person and it is not just for new connections it is for making old ones seem like new all over again and helping to keep it feeling that way.

Tantra helps you live in the moment with the person in front of you, even if you are not the perfect match or attracted to that person, it gives you a deeper understanding of self and other people around you. When your breath you’re your belly it is like your insides are having a big stretch and you know how good you feel after a stretch.

Hook-up vs Dating Apps Now that you have dipped your toe in the new era of dating I am sure you have run into the little “oops” that made you come to realize there is a difference between a dating app and a h...

Getting back into the dating pool is no longer just a case of getting back out there Getting back out there currently means basically taking a course on about life all over again. Dipping your toe into the world of cyber dating For anyone who was married or out of the dating pool prior to the internet dating boom, and now find yourself single and on the dating scene again you have probably realize...

When you kiss someone to make it filled with everything you have.