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If you want to know more about your right to consent to abortion, taking the pill, STD testing, etc., refer to the section on this website on Health Care.Albuquerque Rape Crisis Center 24-hour hotline 505-266-7711 Toll free 888-811-8282 Domestic Violence Helpline 505-243-4300 Toll free: 1-877-974-3400 National Domestic Violence Hotline Toll free 800-799-7233 AGORA Crisis Center Hotline 505-277-3013 CYFD Child Abuse Hotline 800-797-3260 DISCLAIMER: This website is provided for informational purposes only.I'm sure the boy in question has a lot of good qualities, all I know of him is what is on his facebook profile. I am now 19, with a daughter and STILL with my OH (28), through the good and the bad.

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Nothing on this website shall be construed as legal advice nor does the information provided constitute the formation of a lawyer/client relationship. My 15 year old step-daughter is dating a 19 year old.Boys are less mature than girls and so it probably doesnt seem like a big difference to them.Weve been together 3 years now and have a beautiful son together, Please dont assume the worst from this boy as Im sure he doesnt have any bad intentions Sent from my GT-I9505 using Netmums mobile app Sent from my GT-I9505 using Netmums mobile app I had a 19 year old bf when I was 15, too.I will say though that going in guns blazing won't achieve anything.

I started seeing my partner just after my 16th birthday, he was 21 at the time and the age gap was never an issue to us.

If you've had a chat and know that she's aware of taking precautions etc then it really doea come down to you trusting her.

15 is an age where a girl can be quite mature and perhaps feels on a par with a 19 year old rather than boys her own age.

Which to be honest is what panicked me, that and a picture of him pretty much naked on his facebook page! We are now happy, just about haha, With a 18 month old dd, house, both working full time.

Perhaps it is all just bravado, but I love my SD very much and so i'm very worried for her. Ok, We don't know the circumstances, what your daughter is like, or what he is like. And i think i may have just about made my daddy proud x My oh when i met him didn't work and 'did' everything. If he's a normal 19 year old and seems decent, i'd be happy for them :/ I understand this is probably ringing alarm bells but how about meeting him? He was 19/20 my mum gave me the talk because banning me would have only made it worse.... Unfortunately there's not anything you can do about it.....

What does her mother say (I assume that's where she lives? Xx I think he needs to calmly explain his worries and the boyfriend coming round to meet the 2 of you is a good idea so you can see what kind of guy he seems to be. I feel a little better now - I wrote this thread in a heightened state of panic!